Think  Yourself Slim

Join me on this 4 session webinar spread over 4 weeks to think yourself slim, rid yourself of any self-sabotaging behaviours and cut out any negative associations with food.

The 4 sessions run each Tuesday from Tuesday 19th May to 9th June at 5pm NZT and include 4 support MP3s and a copy of the book I co-authored on the VGB 'No More Diets! Believe in a healthier, better you'

We'll also focus on the future you to make sure we can create a permanent change in the way that you think and feel about food. Spaces are limited.

Proven 95% successful in clinical trials, the Virtual Gastric Band, or VGB for short, is not a diet. It is a powerful weight loss hypnosis programme designed to help clients lose weight by convincing their minds that their stomachs are full after a smaller amount of food.

As hypnosis is a completely safe, non-invasive, non-surgical technique, there are multiple benefits over a traditional gastric band surgery, including:

  • Far less costly than surgery (Results achieved in as little as four sessions)

  • No lengthy hospital stays or expensive medical bills

  • 100% safe, quick, and painless

  • Works on the mind to retrain, reset, build willpower, and help break unhealthy habits for good

  • Get started right away (No long surgical waiting lists)

  • No lotions, potions, meal replacements or dieting



​Using the power of clinical hypnotherapy, I'll take you through deep relaxation and focusing exercises that work to calm and subdue the conscious mind. Using these methods over several sessions, I work to retrain the brain to be satisfied with smaller portions of food.

Clients often describe the Virtual Gastric Band weight loss hypnotherapy process by saying: ‘it was like a switch flicking on in my brain’. By taking people through this effective weight loss hypnotherapy method, I can successfully change a person’s attitude towards food and help them regain control over their cravings and bad habits around food. The gastric band hypnotherapy convinces them that there is a gastric band fitted around the upper part of their stomach, encouraging them to eat less.

Feedback from clients shows increased willpower and no feelings of deprivation. (Don't worry, you don’t need to stop eating the foods you enjoy! Instead, you find you will begin to feel more in control and able to lose excess weight naturally and consistently without dieting). That's why the hypnotic gastric band or hypnotherapy for weight loss is very effective and safe.

Your investment is just US$150 (roughly NZ$250) covering

  • 4 Webinars including hypnosis

  • 4 support MP3s

  • A copy of No More Diets! Believe in a healthier, better you

  • Full support and guidance throughout

  • Resetting your relationship with food

With the Virtual Gastric Band I have been featured in the International Media and have co-authored a book on the VGB.

I look forward to meeting you and guiding you through this journey.

Richard Kellow

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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