Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Quitting smoking remains one of the best things you can do to stay healthy and preserve your life. But like any other form of addiction, the habit can prove pretty hard to break.

You might even have started many programs but somehow, there’s always a relapse. If you are really serious about putting an end to the frustrating habit of spending your money on what’s killing you, this Stop Smoking with Hypnosis program is for you. 

Methodical approach to smoking cessation

Breaking any addiction at all could prove quite daunting, how much more breaking an addiction to nicotine, arguably the most addictive substance in the world. But achieving this feat is far from impossible. Our comprehensive stop smoking with hypnosis program employs a proven approach to help chronic smokers. As long as you are dedicated and committed, we help you smoke your last cigarette ever.

Whatever your reasons for quitting, be it for wealth, health reasons or just because you're fed up on the outside of social situations, Hypnotherapy to stop smoking could help you become Smokefree and more importantly stay Smokefree.

It works by relaxing the conscious, unproductive and logical part of your mind and reprogramming the subconscious. It's 100% safe, free of any side effects and can help to reduce the cravings, irritability and withdrawals associated with quitting smoking.

What's Involved

  •  Identify the smoking triggers

    The first step to breaking any unpleasant habit is to identify the triggers. Our hypnosis program can help you to identify the compulsive triggers and set you on the path to freeing yourself from the harmful habit of smoking.


  •  Breaking thought patterns and behaviours

    Hypnosis is a safe, convenient and cost-effective way of breaking unpleasant thought patterns and behaviours and our program helps you do just that. There is nothing mystical about the practice. The methods are scientifically proven and although you would be in an altered state of consciousness, you would be fully aware of what’s happening to you while I help you cultivate good thoughts and behaviour.


  • ​ Bringing about permanent change

    This is where the ultimate challenge lies for many smokers. Numerous smoking cessation programs leave you with immense energy and a fresh resolve to stop for good. But that energy is not sustainable. You find yourself unable to resist the urge after some time. The stop smoking with hypnosis involves specialised techniques that would help bring about a permanent change.


  • Tailored programming designed to target the exact core reason for smoking

    I understand that everyone has a different story and there is no one size fits all approach. I get to the bottom of the unique challenges facing every one of my clients and help them find a way around it.


  • Helping you to have your last cigarette ever

    You may have read inspiring stories of people who have been able to break free and stop smoking for good and you wonder ‘could this ever happen to me?’ I want you to erase all doubts that may cross your mind. We have worked with clients in equally perilous situations and have been able to help them have their last ever cigarette. You could also start telling your inspiring story in no time at all once you enrol in the stop smoking with hypnosis program.

Assuming a pack is $25

If you are ready to lead a healthy life without putting yourself and those close to you in danger, you should enrol in the stop smoking with hypnosis program. We would help you chart a new course and manage all the possible withdrawal symptoms. The ultimate goal is to say goodbye to smoking for good and that is exactly what I would help you achieve. The 1 session programme cost only $400. That is less than the average smoker would spend on smoking in two weeks.


The hypnotherapy to quit smoking is a very powerful and effective treatment for smoking cessation. To find out if Hypnotherapy to stop smoking may be right for you, give me a call on 022 070 5363 or get in touch using the form to the right

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Stop Smoking For Good with this Powerful Self Hypnotic MP3

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