Go on then, Unspoil Me

January 24, 2018

It’s been a running joke with some friends of mine that I’d bought some Dogecoin (Bitcoin’s cuddlier cousin) some years ago and now with all the news surrounding Cryptocurrencies, I had no idea where I had stored them. I recall nominating an email and a very safe, complex password that I would remember but no one could crack! The trouble is I couldn’t remember either.


I spent my days watching the value of these going up, planning my early retirement but still no idea which ‘vault’ I’d stored them in. Then it occurred, if I couldn’t consciously recall the information then it was time to speak with my subc0ncious.  Hypnotherapy can be a great tool for recovering lost items, or retrieving memories.


I guided myself in to Hypnosis and visualised a physical vault, the type you see in the movies, going up to it and entering a code. Under hypnosis, I always see myself in the 3rd person so sometimes it’s harder for me to see the finer detail, but when I came back up I remembered the email address I had registered, the website they were stored on and had enough info for a Password Reset.


I accessed my online wallet and at the time of writing the grand total of my investment stands at $682! Not quite a Bitcoin Billionaire, or enough to replace my Kiwisaver but a lot better than the $100 I’d originally put in.


Samsung on the other hand are helping people to forget.


We’ve all got that one TV show that we wish we’d switched off and forgotten all about, well now Samsung have come up with a very novel campaign so you can  do just that.  They have taken another spin on it though and are offering a 23 minute Hypnotherapy tool called Unspoil Me that uses Hypnosis to help you forget your favorite TV series, so you can go back and watch them again as if it was the first time. Viewers stare at the screen, while relaxing audio flows and patterns swirl across the screen.


Says Samsung at the intro of the hypnosis site:


"We love TV series. That’s why we focus on offering a wide range of content in our Smart TVs. It’s also why we give you the possibility to re-experience your favorite TV series with the same thrilling feeling you had the first time you watched it.


With our remarkable picture quality you’ll also discover  details you’ve never seen before – great for a fantastic binge-watching experience."



The Unspoil Me experience needs to be viewed uninterrupted and in full to erase all 10 Seasons of Friends from your mind, with Samsung adding that, “For the best possible effect you should get one night’s sleep before you watch your favorite TV series for the first time again.”


I’ve not tried it myself but would be interested to hear of anyone else’s experience.

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