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5 Facts You May Not Know About Hypnosis

May 25, 2018

We've all seen how hypnotists are portrayed in the movies, swinging pocket watches and whispering, "You're getting sleepy. Very sleepy." But hypnosis is also used in therapy. When applied appropriately, hypnosis can be used to recover from trauma, move past addictions, overcome unproductive behaviour and just generally improve lives.



Even though it can seem a bit daunting, or like some form of magic, there is science behind hypnosis.



Here are a few interesting things that can happen during a Hypnotherapy session:


1  You Technically Hypnotise Yourself

As the grandfather of hypnosis, Milton Erickson said, “All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis”. Even though it may seem the therapist is doing all the work, it’s actually the individuals who allows themselves to relax.

2  You might feel really heavy or you might feel really light

And sometimes it might not feel like anything at all. Everyone experiences Hypnosis differently and that’s OK. There’s no right or wrong way. It’s your experience and you should enjoy it.

3  You are in control at all times

It will come as a relief to many of you thinking about Hypnotherapy that you cannot be made to do something against your own will. Hypnosis is definitely not mind control and hence you are in complete control of your faculties.


So therefore, if you don’t want to bark like a dog then you want. Promise!


4  You will probably remember everything that happened

People don’t fall asleep during Hypnosis – In fact, most of us are fully aware of the suggestions that are given to us, and remember it. Only a small percentage of us are able to enter a deep trance that can keep them from remembering what the Hypnotherapist said.