OldPain2Go® is a technique using the body's natural healing power to considerably reduce or eliminate old pain messages, rather than managing them, that may be ruining your life.

Just imagine, all the pain that you have been suffering for years, dramatically reduced or removed in just one session. This is what hundreds of clients of this therapy are experiencing now.

Following seven years of work and study by Steven Blake, OldPain2Go was conceived originally for the benefit of Fibromyalgia and CFS sufferers and can dramatically reduce or remove old pain in just one session.

Pain has its uses, it alerts us that something is wrong and requires attention. However, once we have had a proper medical diagnosis and are aware that the tissues are healed or will never heal, and no more can be done except pain relief, this is where OldPain2Go can help – even when nothing else can.

It begins with the fact that pain comes from the brain, it is transmitted through the nervous system to be seen in a particular part of the body such as the back or the shoulder or in fact any where in the body. Sometimes once a problem has been taken as far as it can be taken, the only treatment painkillers.

Using this treatment clients can turn off or significantly reduce this message from the brain as it is no longer appropriate or necessary for the message to be heard as it serves no purpose.

OldPain2Go is not Hypnosis, no trance is needed. It is simply a dialogue between yourself and the practitioner. You just need the desire to be pain free.

Please visit Stephen Blake’s OldPain2Go® web site where you will see hundreds of video testimonials from our patients.

It is a simple methodology based on how the brain processes things, so whilst we all store different information in our head we do tend to process things in the same way as everyone else.

OldPain2Go can be an effective treatment for sufferers of arthritis, CFS, ME, Fibromyalgia and any other pain that no longer needs to be there.

Please read the page on ME & Fibromyalgia and if this sounds like you then get in touch and find out how OldPain2Go could help you.

Take a look here for a full list of Frequently Asked Questions

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