Thanks for stopping by to download my free anxiety busting meditation. ​

It lasts around 15 minutes and gives you the opportunity to switch off and relax. Taking this short amount of time for yourself can be hugely beneficial.

This recording must not be listened to whilst driving or operating machinery and is best listened to through headphones.

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Anxiety Action Plan

As well as listening to the Audio each day, if you incorporate some of these in to your daily routine they will help to minimise the symptoms of your anxety

1 - Listen to your audio recording. Take 15 minutes each day to just relax

2 - Practice noticing tension in your body and releasing tension in your muscles. Simply close your eyes, and focus for a moment on your breathing, every inward breath and every outward breath, and as you continue to breathe think the words: “calm and relaxed” with every breath that you take; then take your attention to your body, and scan your body for any areas of tension, noticing for a moment those areas - then let them relax.

3 - Take a break from reading the news or watching social media

4 - Get some exercise. At least 30 minutes a day preferably outside even if it's a walk around the block on your lunchbreak. Exercise not only boosts endorphins, your feel good hormone, but also boosts immunity

5 - Express gratitude. Studies have shown that expressing gratitude helps reduce anxiety, especially when we're well rested. Start a gratitude journal to get in the mindset of appreciation and out of the mindset of being overwhelmed.

6 - Eat right. Make sure you choose 3 nutritional meals a day as anxiety can throw our bodies out of whack. If you need to supplement your diet, B-Complex vitamins are great at helping to reduce stress and also give you energy.

7 - Get sleep. Try and stay rested with at least a good 7-9 hours sleep a night. It can be a vicious circle otherwise of sleep deprivation causing anxiety and anxiety  causing sleepless nights.

8 - It's good to talk. Pick up the phone, FaceTime or WhatsApp with friends and family.

All the best


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