About Richard

Richard is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner that lives and works in Central Auckland. Richard is an embodiment and testament to the power of hypnosis, as he discovered through personal experience following his time in London where he saw a Hypnotherapist to help with weight loss and also the stress that comes with working in the financial markets in the Big City. After seeing the amazing power of the mind, he decided to retrain as a Hypnotherapist.

Having been trained by some of the best hypnotherapists from the UK, the US and New Zealand, Richard was inspired to start his private practice to help as many people as possible through an all-natural and non-invasive process.

Richard has helped and is still helping numerous people make the best of their life through a variety of hypnosis techniques such as Parts Therapy, Regression, Gestalt and Trauma Release Exercises, in his private hypnotherapy clinic located in Ponsonby, in the heart of Auckland.

Since every person and case is different, Richard provides a tailor made one-on-one consultation and treatment process for you. Richard will first understand the circumstances surrounding your problem before recommending a treatment program that will be tailored to motivate and inspire you to make changes to both your mind and body to reap the benefits of a truly healthy and positive physical and mental state.

Richard holds a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and is also a practicing and certified Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner. Richard believes that no matter how shattered or broken our mind, mental state or self-esteem may be, there is always a solution.

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